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Should You Wear A Wedding Corset?

Should You Wear A Wedding Corset?

It is a years-old tradition for corsets to be worn under wedding dresses and every bride has been doing that since ages. The tradition is very much lauded and appreciated that there are now wedding dresses available with corsets sewn into the waist area. That, of course, is an added plus point that comes with purchasing a wedding dress but if your wedding dress is the perfect one and does not come with a sewn in corset, are you contemplating buying a corset? As always, there are different types of corsets and they are super sexy but at the end of the day they all are very uncomfortable. Here’s a list of reasons why you should not wear a wedding corset:

  • Feeling Unusual and Straining

If you are not used to wearing a corset then strapping one on, on your wedding day is probably not a great idea. First, your wedding day is supposed to be full of dancing, movement and fun times. How can you possibly move with a wedding corset on? Especially when you are not used to it!

  • Odd Shapes Under Your Dress

Corsets are all about cinching your waist and giving you a silhouette to die for but they also come with a price. Bumps and various ridges and lumps are prone to be existing on a corset. And beneath your wedding dress these look very disappointing. A definite NO!

  • “But I Want A Wedding Corset!”

If you refuse to not wear a wedding corset then you might as well pick one that is absolutely flawless like this one from FairyGothMother. Or search for ones like this one with a smooth exterior surface and they don’t look that obvious on the outside.

  • Shapewear Instead

If you want an enviable silhouette but do not want to wear a wedding corset and do not know what to do, shapewear is your next best option. There are many types of shapewear that will make you waist smaller.