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Shop The Trendiest Patterned Trousers for Spring/Summer

Shop The Trendiest Patterned Trousers for Spring/Summer

Everyone loves to wear laid back fashion indoors. There is something special about patterned trousers that makes them earn the credit of being worn indoors all the time. Maybe it is how they look like pajamas and feel real cozy. The most amazing thing about these type of trousers is that they cover a large area of patterns. You can find asymmetrical, floral, dotted, striped, paint splattered…etc. Some of these patterns can be worn outdoors and some are confined to the comfort and safety of your house. Either way, if you direly need a pair of printed trousers in your wardrobe or maybe half a dozen of them, find the hottest and trendiest ones here.

ASOS Mono Print Woven Peg Pants

These ones have a special surprise around the hemline are priced at $48.

Forever 21 Paisley Print Flared Pants

Who does not love a bit of flare in their outfit? Price: $14.90

RIXO Cropped Printed Wide Leg Pants

To all those vintage fashion lovers, this one is for you! Price: £155

Valentino Silk Wide Leg Patterned Trousers

Absolutely stunning with its retro touch you can’t possibly go wrong with this elegant piece of work. Price: $710

Pepe Jeans Philo Printed Palazzo Trousers

With its asymmetrical design that plays with the eyes, these patterned trousers are both a work of art and undeniably gorgeous. Price: $65

Printed Elisa Trousers

Take your time in playing with different shapes with this one. With a price of £280 you are making a good choice by picking it from the plethora of other choices made available to you. Go on, brag about it to all your girlfriends!

Valentino Printed Panama Pants

What an exquisitely tropical pick to add to your wardrobe. Save it for when the bright and hot days of summer come swinging by, you can pull this one on. It is wide and airy and costs a whopping $1375.