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Shop 1st Birthday Outfits for Boys and Girls

Shop 1st Birthday Outfits for Boys and Girls

Making sure that every birthday of your little one is a special memory that can be recorded in a video or picture is very important. Later on when your child grows up in his/her’s teen years they can reflect back on these lovable memories. So, the question is how do you make a birthday as important as the 1st one of your child memorable? Disregarding the cake and decorations, spare a thought for what your baby will wear? Yes, 1st birthday outfits are an important part of this grand day. In fact, they are just as important as the cake and decorations. Here are a few 1st birthday outfits ideas for boys and girls you can contemplate:


Nothing suits the occasion more than a pair of clean and brand new jeans with a casual t shirt on top. Effortless and seeing as your baby can pull every look off this is the one.

If you want to go for something more sophisticated pick, add a bow tie and braces to your baby’s outfit. An exemplary outfit is available on Etsy. Or you can choose this one. This version includes a beret, very dapper.

If you are looking for casual shirts then this Etsy page is full of ones for both boys and girls.


There are a lot of variety to girl’s 1st birthday outfits. CareyFashion.com brings a big variety of choices as well you can choose from. And if you are on a budget and still trying to pull off a great birthday complete with a beautiful outfit, AliExpress has a whole collection of budget friendly 1st birthday outfits.

For example, this romper suit set with shoes and a headband is a fine pick amongst the others you find at your retailers and other nearby stores.

And if you have a couple of Amazon coupons or just love to shop from there this onesie with gold glitter detail steals the cake.