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Sequin Shorts: A New Sizzle in Your Wardrobe

Sequin Shorts: A New Sizzle in Your Wardrobe

Glitters and sequins are a must have in every wardrobe. Not only do they add a certain sparkle to every outfit you have but they are also great party wear. They are versatile on many occasions and will always flatter you and your choice of clothing. There are many ways of wearing sequin shorts and today you will be learning about a couple of trendy looks you can achieve with a limited supply of clothes. The best thing about sequin shorts is that they can add charm and elegance to every look that you have in mind and that is not even the best thing. These shorts look better when paired with simple tees and jackets rather than flashy and intricately designed items that are hard to get.

All Black Except One Sheer Black

Choose black sequin shorts with silver sequins and a sheer button up black top. A lacy bralette or any type of fancy bra would be perfect underneath. Leave the top button open and roll up the sleeves.

Denim and Gold

You will need golden sequin shorts, a faded/distressed denim shirt and a white blazer or black jacket on top. Brown leather chunky heels with a satchel bag will complete the look fabulously but you can always add your own little quirks in the look like sunnies or some boho rings and stack up bracelets.

Street with Metallic Tones

A silver pair of sequin shorts will be needed for this outfit. Not silver but a metallic shade of silver. A grey shirt (sleeveless or not) should be tucked carelessly in to your shorts. Then throw on a long hoodie, blazer, jacket or coat on top in the color black.

Call it Class

Everyone says glitters are not set for formal events but this look will help you blend in everywhere while still rocking your sequins. First off, a pair of sequin shorts in any shade of black or grey. Secondly, you will need black stockings, a structured jacket and a button up white formal shirt. As always tuck the shirt in and shrug on the jacket. A hat can be added for extra dramatics but that’s about it. Oh, and don’t forget the black suede pump heels.