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Rock a Green Suit (Not Like The Grinch)

Rock a Green Suit (Not Like The Grinch)

Men’s fashion is starting to traverse wider expanses just like lady’s fashion. With suits being the biggest and hottest fashion trend in the men’s world now you can find them in all the shapes, sizes, styles, designs and colors. But probably the most unique yet still flashy type of men’s wear is the green suit. You can wear it for formal meetings and work. But at the same time, you can also stay in touch with your colorful soul and look casual, chic and trendy. Here are a few ways of wearing your green suit, regardless of which shade it is in.

Dark Green Hues

If you have got a dark green suit then pairing it with neutrals like charcoal and beige is best.

Bright Light Green Shades

These bold shades are more commonly referred to as statement colors. But when worn with partnering clothes choose neutral and natural colors.

Summer & Winter Rules

Do keep in mind that green is an earthy color. In order to pull it off properly, you must match the colors of the seasons. That means on the hot days of summer, light and fresh hues like mint and teal are preferred. Overcast winter days suit with dark leaf shades of green.

Daytime and Nightime Wear

Abide by the rule of wearing light green suits in the morning hours and darker shades when night hours start settling in.

Play with Patterns

Plaid patterns look great on green suits. Lindsay and Ferguson plaid patterns are fitting ideas for top coats, blazers and/or inner shirts. Playing with different colors and patterns will definitely provide you with a satisfactory result in the end as long as you know what you are doing.

Military Colors for Work

It was mentioned before that green suits are perfect candidates for work and in order to go for that look you must choose military greens. Khaki and olive shades suit best in formal environments.