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Ripped Jeans for Women – The Sexiest Outfits

Ripped Jeans for Women – The Sexiest Outfits

Ripped jeans are awesome items to put in your informal and casual outfits. They are super chic and trendy and are luckily available in a hundred different designs. There are different styles to how the rips are placed on your jeans. Some are simple slitted ones, others are frayed, others are ripped on the surface leaving a network of threads underneath and some are ripped so intensely there are big holes in your jeans. But that too is an awesome style. From the various types of rips and slits, you can take your pick. And with every different design of ripped jeans for women, you are entitled to more outfits. Read about some trendy ones below:

Knee Ripped Jeans

This style has just one big slit on the kneecap area making them completely unripped otherwise. With such a design, find it in white and pair with a black and white striped tee.

Intensely Ripped Hole Jeans

These have holes on them around the knees and other small rips and holes around the thighs. Keep the look simple with a white tee and a leather jacket on your shoulders.

Multiple Hole Ripped Jeans 

These ones have holes on the knees, below the knees and even on the thighs. Pair with a grey full sleeve scoop neck sweater and white sneakers.

Distressed Ripped Jeans

Quite an edgy design for you, make sure you design it properly. For example if you have a pair of black distressed ripped jeans for women, pair with a baggy off shoulder speckled grey sweater and grey suede booties.

Multiple Slitted Ripped Jeans for Women

Jeans which have a numerous amount of slits from below the knees till the thighs are super chic items. They can be worn with everything. Especially when they come in the color black.