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Purple Maxi Dress – More Shades, More Outfits

Purple Maxi Dress – More Shades, More Outfits

Do you own a maxi dress? Who am I kidding? Every girl owns a maxi dress! And every girl should. (If you do not currently have one make sure to visit Polyvore and check out their huge collection). A maxi dress is a perfect way of flattering your figure in all sorts of ways as well as be comfortable in it. A purple maxi dress is a true depiction of beauty and elegance but purple is a very general name for all the shades that are available to pick from. There are many different hues of purple that maxi dresses come in like plum, violet, lavender and mauve. And for each shade there is an outfit you can achieve that is equally as beautiful as the others.

Deep Matte Purple Maxi Dress Outfit

Going for a casual look with a matter purple dress? Opt for a sleeveless or strappy one with a black cardigan on top and mirrored shades. Black sandals or pumps would be preferred but you can go unique with the colors.

Lavender Purple Maxi Dress

With a lavender dress, you can go for lighter and brighter shades to add some contrasting beauty. And what better shade to go for other than denim blue? Choose a light blue denim wash jacket and roll up the sleeves a bit.

Bright Purple 

For an overall “popping” look, match your bright purple dress with other bright colors like turquoise and grass green. These colors are preferred to be in the shape of jewelry like chunky bracelets and gem necklaces as well as rings with big stones.

Light Purple

Any light purple shade is like a blank canvas for you to style it as you want. Whether you want to add jewelry or overalls or anything of that sort, you can do it freely. But the best look you can opt for is with a white sweater. Pair with a clutch and gold sandals.