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Pork Pie Hat Isn’t Out of Fashion

Pork Pie Hat Isn’t Out of Fashion

Timeless fashion trends are loved by all. Not just trends but fashion pieces and items are also a big plus point in everyone’s wardrobe. Not having to worry about switching out your wardrobe’s contents with new items, timeless pieces are a great relief for busybodies. Many of you do not have time or money for purchasing a whole new wardrobe every season or month when new fashion trends replace the older ones. A pork pie hat is one of those timeless pieces that you can add to your outfit how and whenever without worrying about it being “too old”. Check out these super cool and preppy outfits you can pull off with pork pie hats:

Modern Vintage

For a casual and classy attire start with black trousers, black crew neck shirt, olive coat, brown leather satchel, brown sunglasses and a black pork pie hat with an embellishment on its side.

Suit and Pork Pie Hat Look

A suit looks great when paired with any hat, especially a pork pie hat. Keeping your look simple and preppy opt for any suit you like and top it off with a pork pie hat with a band around its base. Loafers or formal slip-ons look great with such looks.

Casual Attire with Pork Pie Hat

Many people remember and look at pork pie hats as retro or vintage items. And they look great with casual ensembles like this one: formal shirt, sweater, cuffed distressed jeans, brown leather boots, olive backpack and a chocolate brown pork pie hat.

Runway Winter Outfit

Gray is an optimum color for the cold days of winter. Start your runway fashion look with a white formal shirt, red and black checkered bowtie, a gray puffer coat, gray cuffed trousers, brown pork pie hat and camo printed shoes. A classy and balanced ensemble!