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Plus Size Red Dress VS Little Black Dress

Plus Size Red Dress VS Little Black Dress

broEverybody seems to be over glamorizing black dresses. All that you hear of when it comes to evening or party wear is an “LBD”. Black is a great color that mystically slims you down and compliments you, but overall it is just black. Nothing alluring or sexy about it. Especially when it comes to plus size girls who have so much to give to the world with their ample assets. A plus size red dress is actually what you should be paying most attention to when thinking about what to wear for evenings in town or when planning a party look:

Red is The Color of Lust

Black may have its advantages and upsides but nothing beats the color red when it comes to sex appeal and allure. It is known since centuries that red is the color of lust. And which girl does not want to feel super sexy in her skin?

Plenty More Plus Size Red Dress Styles

Like it is mentioned in the previous point, red is a sexy color. And in that context many designer brands and companies like to make red dresses with sexier styles. Looking at the 3rd picture in the gallery below. The sexy drape-y and ruched style helps in accentuating the curves of a woman.

Red and Black Make A Good Combo

When you are choosing red to be your major color, it is easy to add black in the equation in the shape of a belt/heels. But starting off with black you can’t really go downtown and buy yourself a pair of glossy red heels. They just do not match!

Open to More Color Matches

Every girl loves a dress that is easy to style and pair with other colors. For instance red matches with gold, white, brown, grey, black, yellow, green, blue…etc. But go ahead and try matching all these colors with black. Not happening!