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Plus Size Halloween Costumes Ideas for 2017

Plus Size Halloween Costumes Ideas for 2017

Halloween may be several months away but how is it a bad thing if you start stacking up on ideas from now? Keeping yourself well stocked on ideas and costume inspiration is important for when the time comes to dress up you turn ballistic for you have casually forgotten everything and have no idea what to be and what to wear. So, if you’re reading this now put some of the plus size Halloween costumes ideas you like on a bucket list or reminder because they’re going to be great!

Sexy Plus Size Halloween Costumes Cop

Becoming a police officer is not only amazing but you can also look sexy in it. Start with a navy fitted jumpsuit, tie a thick black belt and hook on some fake guns and stuff, get yourself a badge, and opt for black knee-high suede boots. Don’t forget the leather gloves, sunnies, and hat.

Black Cult Goth 

All black is definitely an outfit you wear every day. Take that up a notch with leggings, leather knee boots, black top, belt with cult star buckle, leather gloves, white eye lenses and lastly a black cape.

From The Other Side

These plus size Halloween costumes are fairly simple to achieve. Start with a black dress, fake tattoos (if you don’t have real ones) on all your forearms, neck, side of the face and exposed leg areas. Now have a go with your makeup. Smear your lipstick and mascara under your eye and leave tear-like trails on your cheeks.

Cheerleader? Deathleader!

A cheerleader look is the simplest to bring together. Go for the skirt, top, jacket, pom poms, stockings, and shoes but make sure they are all black. Next, play with your makeup and make sure you look downright scary. Dramatic smoky eyes and freaky hairstyles suit best with such a look.