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Pink Ladies Jacket – VS Angel Mode On

Pink Ladies Jacket – VS Angel Mode On

There are so much women in this world that are in love with the color pink. It is just a very lovable shade. So why not get yourself a Pink Ladies jacket? A very special vintage movie called Grease which was released back in 1978, had a league of popular girls who were called the Pink Ladies. And the so trend began with their legendary jackets emblazoned at the back with curly text that read “Pink Ladies”. Now, you can find these Pink Lady jackets in many stores as they were a huge hit back when the movie was newly released. Not just that but these jackets are available in many shades and various text fonts are used to write the aforementioned text.

Shop ‘Em 

eBay is the top most visited store with pink ladies jackets as there are quite a lot of jackets in stock there. But if you want to buy a brand new jacket from a store has one just for you in glossy baby pink color and only for $25. TheCostumeShop brings you a pink lady jacket but it is different as the text is right above the breast area. Want it? Place your order there are only 5 items left. An internal viscose and satin external jacket is available on Amazon for $79. You can take your pick from the many types of pink ladies jackets, as the variety and list is never ending.

Wear ‘Em

There are a strict amount of bottoms you can pair with pink ladies jackets because if you want to wear these fashion apparel, you have to wear them right. The Pink Ladies usually wore their jackets with skinny jeans, denim shorts, straight cut jeans and skirts. But, you can always recreate their looks by using the right amount of vintage accessories like hair bows and neckties.