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Pick Your Prom Shoes for Your Dress

Pick Your Prom Shoes for Your Dress

Every year, every girl is super excited to go to her prom. Prom is a very memorable part of your high school years and every girl is supposed to remember hers. It should be a memorable part of her youth years and reflecting back on it should leave a nice feeling in your heart. How is that possible? Yes, going with your boyfriend to prom and having a super romantic night is the first thing that will pop to mind but that is not the only way to create memories. Partying with your friends or just being truly happy is also a choice to contemplate. But before thinking about all these aspects, have you already planned on what to wear? What about your prom shoes? No? Check out these suggestions:

Chunky Block Heel Sandals

Available on HM only for $35 and in 7 different sizes you can get these in black and gold.

Velvet Ankle Strap Heels

In black, blue and purple, these heels are only for $22.

Chic Peep Toed Fluffy Sandals 

Perfect to pair with a faux fur dress or jacket you own.

Strappy Ankle Sandals with High Heel

For $60 these are a great pair of prom shoes to compliment your legs if you are choosing a short dress for your big night.

Flirty Lace Up Heels

Burgundy velvet, black velvet and blush are the 3 main colors of these prom shoes. And boy do they look hella cute. An elegant and mature choice for a defining night!

Red 2 Strapped High Heels 

Everyone can agree over how sexy the color red is! And if your look is all about sex appeal, then these $80 heels with heart detail should be your prime choice.

Funky Hipster Girl Neon Platforms

A totally fun and hipster pair of prom shoes are just the ticket to your fabulous night. Party with your girls and glitter in the night lights.