Monday , 20 June 2022
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Nude Wedge Shoes – Grab Your Pair

Nude Wedge Shoes – Grab Your Pair

Nude is the new black! Yes, you heard it! It is not orange anymore. The color nude is greatly appreciated amongst fashionistas and style crazy women. Celebrities and models have made a habit out of donning nude clothes and pairing the same color accessories in their outfit. Now there is even a thing called nude themed makeup. And if you just another nude color admirer you probably need an endless amount of nude wedge shoes. These are stylish and are different than the usual mainstream nude heels that are filling up the markets. Here are some casual yet gorgeous and elegant pairs of nude wedges that will make great additions to your shoe closet.

TOMS Desert Wedge Booties

Comfortable and not too high to make you walk all wonky, they are priced at $70. Available in 3 colors; take your pick!

Bamboo Cadged Nude Wedge Shoes 

Can be worn with multiple outfits and is the definition of comfort and sexy. The inner sole is cushioned and the outer one is slip resistant.

Jimmy Choo Perfume Metallic Wedge Sandal

This one is for the summer days when you are heading out for a picnic, beach vacay, road trip or any sort of fun outing.

Charles David Thunder Platform Sandals

Step out of your comfort zone with these nude wedge shoes. Their ombre platform is super elegant and they match with dresses and shorts.

Nude Leather Over Knee the Boots

This particular pair of nude wedges will look fantastic with a thigh length dress with a topcoat on top. Their unique design will earn you many winning glances from everyone. Stay stylish and sexy!

Two Strap Piper Scallop Wedges

Sandals seem to be taking up most of this list but that is only because they are so gorgeous and trendy, you can’t help but love them for their fresh and variant designs.

Classy Valentino Leather Wedges

Need to switch up your style a bit? These multicolor and fabulously designed wedge sandals are a perfect pick.