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Nighties Vs Pajamas – Which One Wins?

Nighties Vs Pajamas – Which One Wins?

Sleepwear is a very variant type of fashion (if you want to call it that). There are many types of ladies nightwear that you can take a look at on LooksGud. But probably the most famous and well known ones are pajama sets and nighties. Although most girls like to opt for nighties instead of PJs because of how sexy and glamorous nightdresses are. They make you feel beautiful even in your sleep with their gorgeous silk or lace detail at the bust and hem. But, there are also some girls who wear PJs all the time for the comfort and coverage they provide. But to make everything easier here are some advantages and disadvantages to both of these sleepwear items:



  • Choices

Long, short, simple, stylish, sleeveless, strappy, long sleeved, sheer and stretchy are just a few.

  • Support

Nighties do not only prove to be good sleeping clothes but they also have sewed in breast cups. Wear them for a lazy day in.


  • Informal

You can welcome friends and family in your PJs but nighties are more personal and sensual. You can’t answer your door in a black lace nightie.

  • Restricting

If you move a lot in your sleep and doze off in awkward positions nighties are not for you. Short ones ride up to your waist and the longer ones restrict motion for your legs.



  • Variations

PJs are a very widespread term. You can literally pair a tank with some baggy trousers/sweatpants and you have a pajama set.

  • Comfort

You can get so much contentment from your PJs. With their coverage and warmth you can easily move around and get out of bed without freezing your butt off.


There happen to be no sort of disadvantages to wearing pajamas at all. But, everyone has their own opinion so leave a comment saying why you hate wearing pajamas.