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Multiple Ways of Wearing A Satin Blouse

Multiple Ways of Wearing A Satin Blouse

Dressing up an outfit is a problem many girls face for their look is mostly very ‘dull’. Trying to keep themselves looking fresh is imperative and that can’t be accomplished with every look. Sometimes work outfits need some spazz in them that can’t be achieved with jewelry. A satin blouse, in fact, is the best item you can add to your outfit that will make it look the absolute definition of perfect. The right amount of elegance is exercised with satin blouses and here are a few tips and tricks that you should always keep in mind before deciding to add this type of blouse in your look:

Color Choice

If you have not already noticed, a satin blouse looks its best when chosen or worn in a light color. Taking the 3rd picture below as an example, doesn’t the outfit (although super simple) look better than the first look (which includes a fancy skirt and lavish detail on the blouse)?

Casual Setting Look

There are probably two types of events you attend to every week. Formal and casual! A satin blouse actually fits in both categories and looks classy when paired with the right items that are: skinny jeans, cropped trousers, leather leggings and a high waisted short skirt.

Formal Work Type Areas

As it is common knowledge, wearing anything other than a knee length skirt/dress or trousers/skinny jeans to work is considered (apparently) taboo. You get the dirty looks from your colleagues and no one wants to surround themselves with this type of negativity. So for a perfect work look opt for a tight knee length skirt and a tucked in blouse.

Sexy Layering 

Feeling great about yourself? A satin blouse can be worn in another way rather than modestly buttoning it up. Instead, opt for a crop top/bralette/strappy bodice top to wear under your satin blouse and keep only 1 button buttoned.