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Monokini: A Bit of Background & Shop It

Monokini: A Bit of Background & Shop It

This history of this specific beachwear is quite controversial. In 1964 Rudi Gernreich invented the monokini for topless reasons. Some people said it was his way of introducing a sexual revolution to the world but that was short lived. His original piece of clothing consisted of a high waisted bikini bottom that went all the up to the top of the ribs. There was no top but only two shoelace straps extended from that high waisted bottom that were used to tie around the neck. After many women and models were arrested for nudity on the beach, the modern monokini took place in the markets. Now you can find ones that are (ahem, more covering) very sexy and consist of enough material to clothe your bottom and top.

As you can see from the pictures in the gallery below, the monokini features a lot of cutouts in specific places that increase the sex appeal of this beachwear item. But if you wear a monokini now in the modern ages of the 21st century no one will possibly remember the totally scandalous and controversial years of the very same fashion piece. Although Rudi did not mean to maliciously hurt or expose women in any kind of way, the media still perceived it as that. He termed his invention as “freeing” not for the pleasure of men. Yet that did not stop strippers from donning the piece in local topless nightclubs.

But, now you can be assured that no one will be looking down on you for wearing a monokini. In fact, now that the summer is coming around you must be stacking up on all the different bathing suits you want. And online retailers are stocking the freshest and sexiest monokini pieces. Polyvore stocks the biggest and broadest variety with monokinis starting from $17. Swimwear360 is your other option with its sexy irresistible styles. SwimwearWorld is yet another store you can check out.