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Maternity Bikini: Combine Styles

Maternity Bikini: Combine Styles

Pregnant women should be able to enjoy life and earn their fair share of life just like any other normal woman. But their baby bump and odd bodily functions come in the way of their daily habits. Although that may be the reason, there is no use for you to refuse going to the beach. The beach is probably the only thing you can stand at the moment. And it is basically all that you need. Calmness, relaxation and most of all feeling sexy and glamorous in your skin as you get a perfect sun kissed tan. But first, you need a maternity bikini! Not just anyone but a spicy mix between different styles:

Halter Neckline Bikini Top with Boy Shorts

Comfort is of course your first concern then comes glamor, no? With this mix you can gain both these features at once. The halter neckline will accentuate the rise and fall of your breasts while the boy shorts keep you comfortable and covered.


Many a maternity bikini features a halter tie bikini top. If you do not know what that is refer to the first image in the gallery below. Those types of tops usually make your breasts look unattractive and downright un-sexy. Also for big breasted women, this could cause neck and back ache.

Balcony Bra Maternity Bikini Top with Frilly Bottoms

Every girl loves some sizzling cute in her bikini look. That is what the frills are for! Choose a frilly or ruched bikini bottom in your favorite color and pair with a balcony bra bikini top for a better view of your ladies.

Maxi Skirt with Thigh Slit

If this does not make you feel glamorous, nothing will! A maxi skirt in a beautiful pattern with a thigh slit paired with a gorgeous bikini top (maybe a halter neckline) is the best you can go for.