Thursday , 17 November 2022
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Make Your Own Rain Shoes

Make Your Own Rain Shoes

Water proves to be a great hassle when it comes to fashion and picking out your favorite pair of shoes. With winter still hanging drearily around, you can’t avoid the mushy puddles on your way to work and the continuous snow fall that dissolves into damp spots on your shoes. Nothing looks worse than a pair of wet shoes stepping in the office and feeling your toes freeze off into nothing with the uncomfortable cold, damp atmosphere inside your shoe. Most people like to immediately bring out their rain boots, but where’s the professionalism in that. Here’s what you should do. Grab a pair of high rise shoes that you own and make them waterproof with your very own DIY tutorial explained below:

You Will Need:

  • A candle (most probably one that resembles a disc SHOP IT HERE NOW)
  • A hairdryer
  • Your shoes


Assemble your shoes and candle onto a wide surface with no clutter. Start by rubbing your candle all over your shoes’ surface. Work your way slowly and cover every area of the surface. If you find it easier, draw very light markings with a chalk or a pencil to make different sections that you can wax periodically so as you do not miss any spots. Make sure that you evenly spread and massage the wax in your shoe, do not leave lamps of candle wax on some areas. If you do mistakenly get small bits of wax on your show brush them off.

It is worth mentioning here that this DIY for rain shoes only works on cloth material footwear. Leather and rubber, unfortunately, do not fall in the category. After you are done waxing your shoe now it is time to plug in your hair dryer and bring it to a hot enough degree to melt your wax. Now distribute the hot air evenly onto your shoe. It is okay if you run over a few areas twice. The objective is to melt all the wax you spread to create a layer of protection against water,

Viola! There you have your rain shoes!