Monday , 20 June 2022
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Low Heel Shoes – For The Beginner

Low Heel Shoes – For The Beginner

Heels can be very hard to walk in for many girls. They find them uncomfortable and very annoying as there are many other options to go for. But many girls like to go for the plunge and hurt their feet with blisters and sores just to look like the girls in advertisements and movies. Well, there is no necessary reason to burden your feet with such pain when you can ease into wearing heels. Yes, there is a way to train your feet in taking the shape of a pair of heels and you can easily walk in them. First, you have to get yourself a pair of low heel shoes. No 4 inchers are of no use right now! These types of heels are more commonly referred to as kitten heels and many women wear them for the mere sense of comfort.

Aren’t They More Like Grandma Fashion?

Yes, elderly women go for kitten heels. Because, in that way they can still feel the glamour of wearing heels as well as not break their legs while wearing them. But if you feel like these are too old for you, here is a reminder that fashion is timeless and if elderly woman made a habit of wearing low heel shoes does not mean that you confine this fashion piece to one category.

I Want to Look More Professional!

Most girls feel like low heel shoes are a little too basic but they are always worth a try. Go shopping with a couple of friends or a relative and try on some of these kitten heels. Walk around in them and see if you do not wobble around. If you can walk very easily in them then opt for an inch higher heel. That will come across as quite a challenge and you can practice walking in them for a few weeks before stepping up your game to something higher.