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Leather Shoes Outfits for Women

Leather Shoes Outfits for Women

Men fashion trends are always very hard to picture on women. Although gender roles are of no use in the fashion world, people still find it hard to blend the different trends together and create revolutionary items. Leather shoes are one of those items that are solely pictured to be men’s wear. Although ladies can wear these shoes too and incorporate them into outfits of all sorts, society’s mindset stays unchanged. But if you are one of those advanced individuals who believes in no sort of fashion gender roles, here are a list of chic and smart looks women can create with leather shoes:

Red Brown Leather Shoes 

This is a famous shade that is popular amongst leather shoes. For such shoes a pair of black slim fit trousers with a black top and a camel-brown coat, you will look stunning. Don’t forget the matching black leather handbag.

Korean Style Fashion

Yellow or orange leather shoes are very vibrant shades to wear. Pair them with cuffed black skinny jeans with a black and white polka dotted full sleeve collared shirt tucked into your jeans. Add a leather jacket for effect.

Black Leather Shoes 

Black is a chameleon color that blends in with everything. With a pair of such gorgeous leather shoes go for dark blue low rise skinny jeans with a white blouse and a creamy pink coat.

Glossy Leather Shoes

Glossy shoes have a magical charm about them. Match that charm with black skinny jeans, a white top alongside an overlarge denim jacket. It is best if the denim jacket is embellished with studs, glitter or embroidery to add some much needeed dazzle in your look.

Leather on Leather

It is always a fresh outfit to go for when wearing leather shoes and pairing them with leather pants, a black collared shirt with a gray sweater on top.