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Ladies Shoes: Types and What You Should Wear

Ladies Shoes: Types and What You Should Wear

Footwear is known to be a big part of every woman’s closet/wardrobe. And it does not make sense for any lady to have only one type of footwear choice in her possession. It is simply possible for heels or sandals or sneakers cannot be worn everywhere. So versatility is a must. And if you are new to the topic or already have loads of them, this piece is worth a read nevertheless.


These are likely to be worn everywhere thanks to their comfortable and versatile nature. They come in various colors, styles, designs and cuts. Many call them pumps as well for they resemble the look of a pump but you can flats in flip flop form as well.


A stylish yet edgy way to express yourself through fashion, you can find these ladies shoes in many forms as well. Not just color and style but they are available in heels as well. It is common for them to be seen worn in winter times in high rises like thigh and knee high.


These probably make up more than half of the world of ladies shoes. Sandals have types not variations and here are a few; gladiator sandals, wedge sandals, slingbacks, ankle sandals…etc. These are mostly worn in summer and spring time because they keep the feet airy and have a very bright and fresh feel to them. Do grab the floral printed ones!


Every woman wears these at some point in her life for there is simply nothing more comfortable than a pair of sneakers. Yes, they are even more comfortable than sandals and flip flops. Even fluffy bedroom slippers! If you find the right size and material, these ladies shoes can be worn everywhere. Casual outings, shopping trips, picnics, running errands…etc. No restrictions unless you’re going to work!