Monday , 10 May 2021
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It’s A Little Blue Dress!

It’s A Little Blue Dress!

Everyone knows what are little black dresses, no? Little black dresses which are referred to LBDs for short are exactly what their name portrays them to be. But, if you really look at them…they are just little black dresses and the hype is a little overdone. Don’t you think so? Why don’t you have a little fun with breaking fashion stereotypes and start wearing little blue dresses instead of LBDs? Blue is a very variant color unlike black and is available in plenty of different shades that both look super amazing and different. You have sky blue, cobalt, azure, arctic, lapis, admiral, sapphire and best of all denim. Not to mention shades are very different than designs and styles because not every color has a variety of shades. You can find many a blue dress with different hues which will make your wardrobe looking way better than what it looked like with LBDs.

Styling Options

When wearing a blue dress, you have a lot more options of styling your look. You can go for silver and gold jewelry, belts of all colors, shoes of contrasting and matching colors…etc. Even if your hair color is blonde, brunette or dyed any funky color, that will compliment your overall look.

More Acceptable

To many people, black is a “funeral type” of color. Although that is thoroughly false, you can’t change their mindsets. Instead of doing that, start wearing a blue dress instead. Blue dresses are more inviting and refreshing to the eye.

Popular Ombre Effect 

You have of course seen the very popular ombre effect fashion clothing in many stores. And blue is one of the top colors on the list that can be featured in a chic ombre effect. Of course in all the shades that were mentioned before you can find trendy ombre effects.