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Islamic Swimwear – An Introduction

Islamic Swimwear – An Introduction

It is widely known the Muslims and people who follow the Islamic religion are basically reserved and restricted to only a number of activities. Not to go in detail and turn the setting to morose but taking the beach for instance, Muslim women cannot rejoice in the activities. Why? Because the majority of people have made the rule of women going to the beach in a bikini! And Muslim women cannot bare their skin as it is against their religion’s rules. But lucky for them Islamic swimwear is a thing!

Thanks to the great Aheda Zanetti from Australia who created the burkini which is also referred to as Islamic swimwear. The burkini is actually an awesome creation that covers the body of the wearer from neck to toe. The only exposed skin you can see is that of the face, hands and feet. The style is not fitting to show the body or curves. The pants are slightly baggy, enough to hide the obvious silhouette of the legs but tight to an extent to help the wearer swim and function freely.

There is a headpiece that is included with every burkini that is technically part of it so the wearer can cover her hair. A burkini without a headpiece is like a bikini without the panties (no kidding), that is how important the headpiece is. Also the fabric which the islamic swimwear is made of is pretty light and that is a great plus point when you feel the need to swim. The light fabric does not pull you back and hinder your swimming.

The swimsuit comes in many styles, colors and designs depending on what you like you can take your pick. It is 2017 and Muslim women are no longer confined to homes and deprived of social activities. Go do your thang!