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Important Items to Pack In Your Diaper Bag

Important Items to Pack In Your Diaper Bag

Having a baby and taking care of them is a huge tackle but with some necessary equipment you can make the job of being a mom way easier than it seems. Necessary equipment can cover an expanse of many things and many times a mom forgets to pack an extra diaper, pacifier, bottle…etc. But with a diaper bag, it will be a hard time forgetting what to get when you leave the house. Before setting off, set your diaper bag and stock it with the list of the below items:


Seriously how can you miss this one? The name basically asks you to go and grab one right now. Make sure you pack enough depending on the age of your baby and how long will you be away from your home.


The second most important thing beside diapers, baby wipes should always be in abundance in your diaper bag.

Foldable Changing Pad

Wouldn’t want your baby lying down on a dirty surface till you change his/her diaper? Nope! Pack with you your changing pad.

Rash Cream

You’re going to want to frequently apply this on your baby’s bottom to stay out of harm’s way.

Burp Cloths

Not exactly what they appear to be, burp clothes are good for wiping faces and spit ups. They are different than random rags as they are absorbent and soft.


Just in case, any accident happens always keep an extra pair or even 4 pairs of clothes in your bag. They will come handy at some point.

Sun Hat & Sunscreen

You cannot possibly judge how harsh the sun will be on your baby’s skin so pack one anyway. If your baby is less than 6 months old, he/she should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Extra Bottle

No explanation/description needed.

A Toy

Anything to keep them busy, kids always need distractions.


You will probably need to feed your baby while out of the house, and keeping his/her shirt dry is vital.