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How to Wear Sophisticated Ladies Blazers

How to Wear Sophisticated Ladies Blazers

Blazers are nearly always seen on the bodies of men. Either with a suit or included with a casual outfit, but long gone are those days. Now with the modern fashion trends, women are free to wear whatever they want and ladies blazers happen to be one of the items on their never ending list. Blazers are very nifty items in every wardrobe. They help in bringing together an incomplete outfit and most of all act as a perfect overall in the days when you need a balanced temperature. Check the list of outfit ideas below for further inspiration:

White Dresses

White dresses have a charm about them that helps them match and blend in with every ladies blazer you pair them with. Opt for a white dress, tie a thin brown belt around your waist and shrug on a bubblegum pink ladies blazer for a splash of vibrance.

Black Skirts

Black skirts with stockings look very chic in winter and fall. For the perfect look with a balanced set of colors opt for a black skirt, black leggings, black button-up blouse tucked in the skirt and a white ladies blazer on top.

Skinny Jeans 

Converting any casual look to a formal and work-appropriate ensemble, a ladies blazer is truly a blessing. For an optimum yet laid back outfit go for a white blouse tucked into a pair of light blue skinny jeans with a thick brown belt conjoining them. A gold clutch with black ankle strap heels and a black ladies blazer complete the look.

Denim Shorts

Shorts are a perfect item to wear in the warm days of spring but you do not want to completely go summery so don a white/green top over your denim shorts with a patterned ladies blazer. Flats are said to be a perfect choice but for a glam look go for heels and a black handbag.