Monday , 20 June 2022
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How To Wear Grandad Shirts In Style

How To Wear Grandad Shirts In Style

Given the name, one would assume that grandad shirts are solely means for the elderly to wear. Woah, easy there you could be grossly mistaken! Grandad shirts have become more of a fashion statement than a clothing item you could wrinkle your nose at. Teenagers, adults, and even children are slipping into this rapidly spreading phenomenon. Here are a few tips on how to wear grandad shirts in style.


Sunglasses are an important addition to your outfit if you are looking to make a grand entrance wherever you go. Of course the sunglasses market is full of funky designs and colors to go to town with, but try and keep your choice limited to classic black glasses. You might just steal a heart or two in no time.


Remember that you do not want to wear shoddy sandals or sneakers to pair with your grandad shirt. The attire demands something that looks clean, tidy and decent. Going for loafers will not only give you that elderly appearance, but will also greatly compliment your shirt. The same applies to women as well: opt for moccasins or loafers to complete your look.


A less discussed topic is the fitting of the shirt. Most people believe that a grandad shirt absolutely needs to be oversized and baggy. That is not the case at all. In fact, it is imperative to make sure your shirt fits you precisely before you decide to prance about in public with it. If you opt for a loose or baggy fit shirt, you might just kill your look entirely.

Now that you have learned how to style a grandad outfit, make sure to get out there and complete the look. After all, won’t it be grand if grandad is not quite alone in his choice of dressing anymore?