Thursday , 21 July 2022
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How to Wear Flat Thigh High Boots

How to Wear Flat Thigh High Boots

Switching up your style every now and again is always advised by fashion experts. Not just that but stepping out of your comfort zone is refreshing and broadens your minds to more possibilities and who knows? Maybe you might end up loving a style that was very noticeably out of your comfort zone. So overall it is refreshing and in that way, your wardrobe will not be limited. Fashion should not be limiting! So, without further ado get to know this new style that you may or may not like. But it is trendy, sexy and most of all is comfortable. Flat thigh high boots are quite the opposite of the very popular design that features pencil heels. Check out these preppy and cute outfits:

Skinny Jeans 

It is a guaranteed look for you when you opt for skinny jeans. Perfect for people who are just starting off with the trend. Match a pair of black suede flat thigh high boots, navy pair of skinnies, white top and a black jacket.

Denim Cutoffs

Copying the same trend that’s been going around with thigh high heeled boots, opt for a pair of denim cutoffs, sexy black top (of any design, your choice) and an army green jacket.

Sweater Dress

Dresses always look great with flat thigh high boots. Opt for a gray one (not knitted), a black leather jacket and a pair of black flat thigh high boots.

Sweater & Skirt Look

Sweaters look great with everything, period! Go for a cozy thick knitted black sweater with a mini skirt and flat thigh high boots. Play with different colors.

Shockingly Gorgeous Assemble

For a preppy and street look, you will need a pair of white flat thigh high boots (with a black detail, preferably), denim shorts, dark blue sweater top and a brown long coat.