Friday , 18 November 2022
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How to Wear Fitness Clothing Professionally

How to Wear Fitness Clothing Professionally

New to the sport? Just started your workout regime? Don’t know how to look the part? Stick out like a sore thumb in a haystack? Everyone’s gone through that! The phase where you feel incredibly motivated to work off that flab that’s hanging over the bed but you can’t help and notice that you do not exactly look the part. It is hard having to fit in with all the workout freaks and people who stay fit for a living. No problem there, for today you will be getting to know all about how to look and feel fit with fitness clothing:

Gym Fitness Clothing 

If you are going to be in the gym for a while then this look will suit best. Start with a white sports bra, yellow tank (ensure it has some motivational text on it), gray tee, white leggings, yellow running shoes, and a light gray gym bag.

Simple Does The Trick

Some people like to wear whatever fitness clothing they like and feel comfy in rather than wanting to fit in. How’s that for motivation? For such an attitude a pair of athletic shorts and a simple t-shirt with running shoes will do the trick.

Lesser Cargo, Better Cardio

It is a widespread fact that with lesser fitness clothing on, you work out better and faster. Opt for a simple pair of black workout shorts, a black sports bra, army green baseball cap, black Nike sneakers, and black ankle socks.

Crop Tops 

Who says you can’t look stylish in fitness clothing and break a sweat? Start with your usual sports bra with a short sleeve crop top on top. The rest is up to you. Leggings and shorts would look great even if you strip the crop top after some time. Pair with a drawstring Adidas bag.