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How to Wear Cute Tops for Summer 2017

How to Wear Cute Tops for Summer 2017

Summer is always entitled to a plethora of different tops for every different skirt and shorts in your wardrobe. Mostly tops of all sorts are worn in summer just like in winter your closet is jam packed with sweaters and coats. If you are still planning on filling your wardrobe with a collection of cute tops and have no idea where to start, the suggestions below will help in giving you inspiration. Not just that but an extra outfit idea is attached to each one:

Spaghetti Strap Sweetheart Neckline Crop Top

You can never go with cute tops like this in floral patterns. You can pair them with skirts, shorts and even skinny jeans. Opt for denim always as it contrasts with the patterns.

Sequined Sleeveless Sleeveless Top

If you can find a top like this in gold sequins/glitter then you are in luck. The best things to pair with cute tops like this would be a leather skirt and black shorts.

Full Lace Bralette 

Another cute top you can purchase and know that it is a great investment. Lace matches everything and especially when you opt for such a chic design. You can pair that with jumper shorts, shorts, skirts of all prints and patterns and best of all as a beach top.

Sweater Crop Top

The texture and look of a sweater is super inviting and glamorous to say the least. With a sweater crop top you can guarantee a stunning yet casual look.

Baggy Tee

These are timeless pieces you can always choose. Browse in the L or XL part of your local fashion stores/malls according to your personal clothing size. Basically the trick to finding such baggy tees is to browse the sections 1 or 2 sizes above you.

Sleeveless Button Down Blouse

Sleeveless blouses look classy and super summery all the time. Pair them with skinny jeans/shorts/skirts, they will always bring around a perfect look.