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How to Wear Ankle Strap Pumps

How to Wear Ankle Strap Pumps

Pump heels are a top favorite of many women for their design and style flatters the feet and legs from many angles. But ankle strap pumps are way better than simple pump heels for their sleek design somehow makes the legs of the wearer look slender and longer. Not just that but their secure nature are different than that of slip on heels and other less secure or strapless footwear. Not just that but they are available in many different designs and styles that all feature a distinct sexiness feature that of course, no woman can pass by. Here are a few tips to wearing ankle strap heels and make sure they flatter your figure:

For Thin and Delicate Ankles

Some women have big and small, thick and thin ankles. And fortunately, there is a type of ankle strap pumps that suits both. Ankle strap pump heels with thing straps are the best thing to be worn for delicate and petite ankles. In that way you can show off your bone structure and look great. Thin (not necessarily stilettos) and pointy heels are preferred.

For Thicker and Bigger Ankles

There are many great ankle strap pumps styles for big boned ankles. For example, opt for heels with designs/studs/color at the front or at the toe area to bring the attention away from your ankles. If you are choosing pointy heels because of their great feature of slimming the legs then go for designs like this Jimmy Choo pair or these Christian Louboutin Explotek Razor Edge heels.

Another option would be to just wear heels that are as thick and big as your ankles. Chunky ankle strap pumps like a Steve Madden or a Christian Louboutin pair would look great with your bone structure as well as flatter it as well. It is known that when you wear a relatively thick pair of heels, your legs seem smaller.