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How To Wear And Pair Vince Camuto Shoes

How To Wear And Pair Vince Camuto Shoes

Vince Camuto shoes are a popular choice of footwear among the ladies and for good reason, too. The now mainstream collection of shoes first appeared in the Winter of 2009 and was met with great appraisal. The easiest way to classify the collection is by using the three C’s: chic, casual and classic. There are several ways of wearing and pairing different types and collections of Vince Camuto shoes and this short guide will help you out:


The fancy Vince Camuto chic shoes are the perfect selection for a night out, a dance or an evening dinner. They are paired wonderfully with dresses. It is better to go for a short dress than a long one, otherwise what’s the point of wearing these gorgeous shoes, am I right ladies? As the chic collection of shoes generally comes in light and nude tones, it is best to pair it with a light colored dress to bring out the best in both.


These Vince Camuto shoes can be worn on just about every occasion. Mostly, ladies prefer to wear them to work as they come in tones of black and brown. These hues give off a professional air and can go perfectly with a suit or a professional dress code. Since the color tones are pretty neutral, it is not difficult to decide on what to pair them with. They work well with all colors in clothing.


There’s nothing quite like the classic collection of Vince Camuto shoes. It is really up to you when and where you want to wear these shoes. Ladies who have previously purchased from this collection have voted for the shades of white and purple as their favorite choices. These colors truly stand out and compliment your attire if paired with matching dresses or outfits.