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How to Wear An Oxford Shirt Casually

How to Wear An Oxford Shirt Casually

Dress shirts, formal shirts, oxford shirts….there are so many names for this style of full sleeve shirts. But all of them signify one thing! The shirt is meant only and only for formal and uptight occasions. Do you want to change that? There are many ways you can transform a formal piece of clothing to a super casual, trendy and chic one. It all needs some concentration and just a tad bit of dedication. Today you will be reading all about how to style your outfit with an oxford shirt and keeping your look casual. Check out the ideas below:

High Waisted Jeans and Loafers

Bringing back an amazing trend from the 1900s, you can rock the perfect style with an oxford shirt and a pair of neat high waisted jeans. Add a moderately thin brown/black belt to keep your outfit looking smart.

Untucked Oxford Shirt and Skinnies

This look is perfect for everyone! You do not need anything extra or special to make the outfit look better. All you need is an oxford shirt of any color (white is preferred), a pair of skinny jeans (they shouldn’t be skin tight nor too loose, just fitting) and brown ankle boots.

Blazed Shorts

Pairing an oxford shirt with a pair of shorts sounds ridiculous but there is one thing missing in the outfit. Add a blazer or coat (that of a suit) with formal shoes and you have a perfectly balanced casual formal look.

Patterned Oxford Shirt

Possibly the best thing to work with is a patterned oxford shirt. Start off with buttoning up the shirt very neatly. Pull on a pair of cuffed formal pants, slip on some glossy black dress shoes. Then finally add black suspenders.

Final Effect

Instead of wearing an oxford shirt as a shirt, wear it as an overall…a final effect! Start with either a tank, v neck or crew neck tee and a pair of casual trousers. Then go for sneakers for an optimum look.