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How to Wear A Military Style Jacket

How to Wear A Military Style Jacket

How do you feel like switching up your style a bit? Maybe try something you would not usually try or something completely different. It is always worth opting for new, old, rugged, gothic or hipster fashion items and seeing how they suit you or how they can fit in your wardrobe. A military style jacket is one of those items that you should always have as part of your wardrobe. They can act as those pieces of fashion to spice up a very boring outfit or when you are in despair on what to wear, they will be there to help brighten up your day. Check out these super sexy and trendy outfit ideas:

Stetson Hat and Sandals 

With a military style jacket, a style so cool and chic, you want to pair it with equally awesome items. For this look, you will need: a gray sweater, black skinny jeans, brown stetson hat, white sneakers, and a military style jacket.

Cowboy Boots with Leggings

How do you feel about wearing leggings for pants? This looks calls for that! You will need black leggings, brown cowboy boots, a longline white shirt, a military style jacket, a black handbag, and sunnies. Add a long necklace for elegance.

Dressy Look

If you want a terrific look you might want to play with different colors. Start with a short black and white striped dress, black laced booties with black socks, a military style jacket with sleeves rolled up and a black leather bag.

Shorts and Pantyhoses

Edgy outfits always look good no matter what. Start off with a strapless white shirt, a white mesh top (on top of your primary shirt), denim shorts, black pantyhose, white sneakers and a military style jacket. If you want you can add badges on the jacket for effect.