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How to Wear A Denim Pinafore Dress

How to Wear A Denim Pinafore Dress

It is known that denim has its own magical charm. Whether it is a denim shirt or skirt, every girl loves a bit of denim in her wardrobe. But how about, you go a little overboard and get a denim pinafore dress. Pinafore dresses are an item of elegance and beauty. A classical style that will always be appreciated all year round and throughout the 4 seasons! Here is how you can style and wear a denim pinafore dress:


If you are currently in winter, wearing a shirt beneath your denim pinafore is probably a good idea. A word of confidence, every color and type of shirt suits with the style of denim. Whether it’s a white, grey, yellow, brown, black shirt; everything will go.

But if you want to ignore the inner shirt, that is completely okay. Just go for a bra/bralet according to your liking. There are many types of denim pinafore dresses that you can choose from to suit your preferences.


Most girls like to go pants free with the denim pinafore dress as it basically is a dress and who wears pants with a dress? But if you want to, there are no restrictions. Grab a pair of leggings or tights with your pinafore dress.


A lovely pairing with your denim pinafore dress would be either a jacket of any type and material will suit. Do not go for baggy overalls as they will suck the life and charm out of your pinafore dress. Maybe a petticoat?

Overall Alternative

The best thing about denim pinafore dresses is that you can wear any shirt underneath them. If you do not want to add to your outfit with a jacket or coat, simply go for a thick full sleeve shirt underneath and you will stay pretty warm.