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How to Wear A Black Clutch Bag

How to Wear A Black Clutch Bag

Clutch bags were a big hit a few years back amongst ladies of all ages. Celebrities took them to the red carpet and there was a while where everyone was stepping out seen clutching a clutch bag. Since then the hype has calmed down a little, but still you will find a great variety of clutches in stores and online retailers. They have become more of a wardrobe staple instead of a trend. You can always trust a clutch to give you the best look and add a certain style to your look. A black clutch bag seems to be the perfect pick for many ladies for you do not want to go for a color that matches with a select number of shades only.


A black clutch bag matches with every color and top in your wardrobe. Whether you are wearing white or yellow or blue, everything goes with black and you can safely pull on any look. But, if you want to make sure instead of pulling on every dress/top; assemble your outfit on a flat platform and place your black clutch bag on top of everything.

Size Matters 

Of course, the color black matching with everything is no shocker! But, you should be paying more attention to the size of your black clutch bag instead of the color. There are no hard and fast rules but for a beginner you can follow the most basic of style tips. With outfits that are short and show skin, parallel them with a large clutch bag. Not in height but in width! The contrast will be lovely! On the other hand looks that consist of jumpsuits or skinny jeans, a small black clutch bag (maybe with an attached handle) are the best you can choose.

But, as always! This is fashion…it is tricky and looks great all the time. So, with time you can learn how to expertly wear an outfit with a black clutch bag.