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How to Stylishly Add a Brown Belt to Your Outfit

How to Stylishly Add a Brown Belt to Your Outfit

Belts play a big role in everyone’s wardrobe but not much credit or notice is given to them. But, here and right now…belts will be given all the possible credit that can be gathered. Not only do these items keep your pants up at unfortunate items but they also add a new dimension to your outfit. But if your current outfit or the outfit you plan to wear to your next big gig lacks a belt, here is how you can subtly add a brown belt to your outfit. Subtly meaning that it will not stick out like a sore thumb or just sit there like some unwanted item! You will be blending a brown belt in your outfit.

For Men

If you are planning on wearing jeans then go for a belt that is not too wide. Too wide belts tend to attract eyes that are entirely displeased. Also avoid the flashy and huge buckles. Nothing sucks worse than an unnecessary big buckle. Instead opt for a respectable branded buckle from the original store.

Dress pants are not different than jeans as you will want to search for a belt that matches the aforementioned specifications. Although the choice is stricter with dress pants as a plain brown belt is needed rather than one with designs or styles.

For Women

Ladies can wear belts with dresses and jeans. And for them the choice is wide open. You women can go for any type of belt that you like. With your dress, a wide or thin one will work. As for your jeans, big buckles are a no problem. They do not look half as terrible on women. Kidding! They look just as bad. Everyone just stay very far away from big buckled belts.

Also, if you can find a belt with a braided design or floral detail on it; pick it up immediately! These will look cute with dresses.