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How to Style Girl Dresses

How to Style Girl Dresses

Your daughters deserve the world, don’t they? Of course they do! It is the dream and goal of every parent to make their kids feel as loved as possible. And with little girls it is way more possible for you can buy them princess dresses and make them feel grown up with a pair of kitten heels in the size of their small feet. Dolling up your daughter is probably the best feeling you will ever get. Regardless of what the event or occasion is, girl dresses are the best way to treat your little one. So check out how to properly style an outfit for your daughter.


The possibilities of styling a small girl’s outfit are way more confined than those for a big girl. But still you can make the best with what you have. Start with her hair! If she has bangs figure out an adorable way to work around that. Either opt for an elegant bun, a high ponytail or a set of 2 braids. Curling or straightening is also acceptable.


The 2 main things in a little girl’s life are her dresses and shoes. Matching with the choice of her girl dresses, buy her a pair of shoes. One that she likes or you can DIY for her something. Heels are of course not recommended unless she’s comfortable with them. Make sure they shine bright like her smile.


You can’t go over the top with jewelry but a bracelet or two with a headband or a hair pin will look super cute. The bracelets should be made from flexible material so as if she falls over the hard material will hurt her small wrist.


A very controversial topic when it comes to kids, go for very light touches like some lip color or a brush of blush. Eyeliner and mascara are not recommended for she’s a kid and could rub the makeup into her eyes. Even fully grown people do that!