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How to Rock Knee Boots – Some Tips

How to Rock Knee Boots – Some Tips

Winter fashion is super stylish and cute. Many girls wait for winter to come whistling by with the mounds of snow just so they can whip out all those winter outfits they saw on Pintrest and shopped for. A winter outfit is simply not complete with knee boots. There is a certain charm that knee boots bring with their presence that is badly needed in every outfit designed to fight the cold stylishly. Some Dos and Don’ts to look into before adding knee boots to your outfit are below:

Exposed Skin

Yes, it is freezing but it hurts to be pretty. If you want to ditch the skinnies and dresses, go for a mini skirt (or slightly larger) and top that all off with a long coat. Add a warm top like a turtleneck if you want.

Leather Baby

Leather is known to be a warm material and you will need that in the biting cold months of winter. Pair your leather knee boots with a sexy leather skirt or ditch the leathery skirt with another and go for a long leather coat instead.

Long is Also Nice

For those women who do not want to necessarily wear skirts, knee boots are also good pairings with dresses. Knee long dresses (or slightly shorter ones) are the best picks.

Make a Fashion Statement

Do not want to blend in with the crowd? Pick a statement skirt for your outfit or some awesome skinny jeans. Maybe even find skinnies in the same color as your knee boots and blend them both in for an illusion effect.

Stranger Things

You can turn heads in a busy area with your fashion taste. Choose an extraordinary pair of knee boots in an awesome yet sizzling color/pattern. It is always good to go for a change.