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How to Rock A Tube Scarf in Winter

How to Rock A Tube Scarf in Winter

Implementing a scarf in your winter outfits is always a thumbs up idea. You can’t ever go wrong with a scarf in your look. If your outfit ever looks empty or too drab, you can brighten it up with a scarf in any pattern. Also if you have completed your look but the weather is too cold outside to wear such an attire, bundle up yourself in a chic scarf and you will stay warm for hours. A tube scarf is the best way to make sure no air penetrates through fabric and reaches to your throat or nose. You can wear one of these scarves during rain, snow and drafty winds. Available in different materials, you will find that this scarf is the best thing that happened to your wardrobe.

How to Wear It

Tube scarves are sold in 2 different forms. First one is it resembles the shapes in the images below and you just pull it over your head and fix it onto your neck. And the other form is that you have a big scarf which you can fold around and make it look like a tube. And if you are currently looking at the second choice here are some ways on how to tie a tube scarf.

How to Tie A Tube Scarf

Taking your scarf and bundling it up to make a long stretch of fabric, place it in front of your neck. Throw each end that you hold in either hand around your neck so it can come around to the other side and that’s it.

Wrap the scarf around your neck multiple times till there is a thick tube around your neck then tuck in the edges with a safety pin under the folds of the fabric. brings a comprehensive guide on all the possible things you can do with a tube scarf. Also you can find different ways to tie it too in there.