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How to Remove Stains From Your White Leather Jacket

How to Remove Stains From Your White Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are one of those clothing types that give your wardrobe a true and definite new dimension. Any person’s closet is not complete with a stylish leather jacket. But as it commonly known and noticed, leather jackets come in the color black and 90% of leather jackets are in black. The rest 10% can be in varying colors but the next top color is white. A white leather jacket is also as stylish as a common black one but it seems to be rather rare in some communities. Another thing that is very prominent about white leather jackets is that they can stain easily unlike the black ones which don’t show much.

Here’s how you can clean a stain on a white leather jacket without having to drop it off at the dry cleaners and pay the fee:

Nail Polish Remover

Every girl has one of these in her possession but if you’re a guy the next point could be more helpful. You can eliminate scuffs and ink stains with a cotton swab smothered in nail polish remover. Simply blot the stained spot till it’s removed. Then wipe the area with a wet cloth and dry.


This one is definitely present in everybody’s possession. Your finger can be the applicator. Use non-gel toothpaste. After you’ve applied a small blob, take a soft cloth and rub. Cotton cloth is preferred as it is a soft material. Other rough materials may fade the leather.

Baking Soda

Greasy stains can be removed by baking soda or cornstarch but the latter is preferred. Sprinkle some of your powder on the stained area, rub with a slightly damp cloth then let it stay for a night. Use a cloth to wipe the powder then dry with a towel, also soft. Remember, no harsh materials.