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How to Pick The Best Winter Sweaters

How to Pick The Best Winter Sweaters

The best thing about winter is sweaters. Their comfort and how they feel when you put them on is a sensation that everybody searches for in the coldest days of winter. Shopping for winter sweaters is an even better feeling as you get to see all the different designs and styles. But, as good as that can be the hard part crashes on to you. How do I pick ONE sweater from all this? How do I make my choice? That’s easy! Here are some handpicked instructions on how to find perfect winter sweaters.


Yes, as cliché as that sounds; the material is important. But not from the point of view of how expensive it is or how your neighbor wears it so you must get a pair. No! You must feel the material, wear it then see if you really like it.


That is a foolish thing to say for overlarge sweaters are everything! Nothing is more comfortable than an overlarge sweater to get lost in on the coldest days of winter. But that is not what this category is for. It is actually the opposite. Make sure you don’t buy one that ‘looks’ your size.


Different individuals have different tastes and some prefer turtlenecks to v necks. So find the one that you love the most. Baggy sleeves? Check! Huge turtle neck? Yes please! Got glitter on it? Here, take my money. Find what you love best and go for it.

Price Ranges

This the niftiest part of purchasing winter sweaters. You can find a super amazing and durable winter sweater for >$10 that will probably stay with you for 5-7 years and another for $160 and looks so good but you will probably wear it once. A trick to getting the best price tag is knowing your materials. If it is a good material and cheap or expensive it will stay. But just in case pocket those receipts!