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How to Incorporate Espadrille Flats in Summer Outfits

How to Incorporate Espadrille Flats in Summer Outfits

Flats are an essential part of summer. You can’t go around wearing closed shoes. They will only make your feet heat up (which in turn will turn up your body’s temperature) not to mention you will be getting sweaty feet in less than seconds. It is easier to opt for flats which most definitely have an opening somewhere that will assist in keeping your temperature moderate as well as keep you feeling comfy. Espadrille flats are a famous type of flats that will do much good if you make them a part of your wardrobe. Not just that but there are many different ways of incorporating them into your outfits. Check out some ideas below:

Wide Straight Leg Pants 

The best way to keep your summer look breezy, airy and chic is with a pair of wide straight leg trousers. Pair those with a loose light blue chambray shirt, floppy wide brim hat, sunglasses and light brown floral espadrille flats.

Jean Skirt Day 

Swap out those skinny jeans of yours with a denim knee length skirt (fitted or not, doesn’t matter). Partner the skirt with a vibrant camisole, equally bright handbag and patterned espadrille flats.

Chill Out Breezy Summer Look

Nothing states summer and chill more than a sleeveless collared short top with high waisted slim fit pants. Opt for those two and pair with a preppy handbag, gold espadrille flats and reading glasses for effect.

Denim Cutoffs and Black Espadrille Flats

Denim cutoffs speak of summer language but pair them with an overlarge white tee and you can hear the tunes of summer playing away. Pair your light colored outfit with black espadrille flats and jewelry with red highlights. Don’t forget the red lens sunglasses.

White Summer Dress

Opt for a flowy ruched/frilly short sleeve white summer dress (preferably with floral detail), light green espadrille flats, white sunhat and red earrings.