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How to Expertly Walk in Black High Heel Boots

How to Expertly Walk in Black High Heel Boots

High heels may seem to be a great tackle at first sight but learning how to walk in them is not that bad once you take your first step. Assuming that you have never worn heels before, black high heel boots might come across as difficult for you. But with this list of tips you will find that with each step you take in any pair of high heels, it gets easier.

Small Lengths at First

Going for the plunge and choosing a 6” stiletto heel is probably not the best idea. Instead go for a 3” one or even a 2” if you are feeling scared. Remember, safety first…always! You do not want a broken ankle and 2 weeks of recovering till you can slip your feet into a pair of flats.


Black high heel boots have variations and the best one for you right now is a chunky heel one. The reason is that the thicker the heel, the more balance you have.

Always Find the Fittest Black High Heel Boots

Before whipping out your credit card and paying for those sexy pair of black high heel boots, make sure you try them on first and walk a few paces with them. Yes sure, they fit when you put them on and they feel great but heels are for walking not sitting put in one place. Walk a few paces and see if your toes are uncomfortable or in pain. Then make the decision!

Heel First NOT Toes

Many experts say that you should walk in heels like you are on tiptoes. No! You are not barefooted and sneaking around. No tippy toe walking. Instead use the long heel that was made for a reason. When walking place your heel on the ground first then the rest of your foot.