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Hipster Denim Jacket Outfits for Men & Women

Hipster Denim Jacket Outfits for Men & Women

Denim jackets are wardrobe staples. They are not exactly jackets to keep you warm but they provide style, dimension and classiness to every outfit you wear them with. Even with special outfits for women like dresses, a denim jacket can be worn to add a certain touch of elegance. Not just that but now you can find denim jackets being worn in outfits of different cultures and trends. For example indie, boho and hipster outfits are very famous nowadays and many of them feature denim jackets of different washes. Here are a few examples for men and women:

Floral Hippie Women’s Outfit

For this look you will need 1 more denim piece apart from your denim jacket. Opt for black slim fit/ripped skinny jeans with a collared floral button up blouse. Shrug on an baggy denim jacket and keep your footwear simple with white/black sneakers.

Navy Jeans and Light Blue Denim Jacket Men’s Look

This preppy and sophisticated outfit needs: navy jeans, light blue dress shirt, graphic hoodie (optional) and a light wash denim jacket. Pair with black formal shoes.

Black Toned Women’s Crop Top & Skirt Outfit

A super chic and “Tumblr worthy” outfit you will need: a black sleeveless crop top with white pinstripes, black pleated/skater/mini circle skirt, black choker and a long denim jacket. Black lace up hipster boots will finish your ensemble.

Hippie Men’s Look

This look is fairly simple needing items that are most probably in your wardrobe. Black suede jeans, white collared dress shirt, denim jacket and brown/olive beanie. Leather boots look best with this look.

Fur Lined Denim Jacket Outfit for Men

This look really has no limits. Very versatile you will need only 3 items which should be specifically chosen: grey textured top, black skinny jeans, midi leather boots and a denim jacket with an inner fur lining.