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Gypsy Wedding Dresses for Your ’17 Wedding

Gypsy Wedding Dresses for Your ’17 Wedding

Every bride loves that her wedding dress must be the most unique, gorgeous and fantastic dress anyone has ever laid eyes on. Brides aim for perfection, as the bar is set very high on how they should look. With gypsy wedding dresses, it is not hard achieving a unique look for every gypsy wedding dress, is unique in its own way. Sondra Celli a famous gypsy wedding dressmaker is known to create the most striking designs and details in her dresses.

What’s Makes Gypsy Wedding Dresses Special?

Different than usual wedding dresses, these ones have more volume to them and are available in a wider and more vibrant color scheme. Bright oranges, pinks, purples and blues are a few examples. Not just that but, gypsy wedding dresses are studded with many crystals and plastic stones but Sondra prefers that her dresses are studded with Swarovski crystals only.

How Much Does A Gypsy Wedding Dress Weigh?

With all these crystals that amount to over 500 (sometimes) as well as the huge amount of volume on the dress, everyone wonders how much does that dress weigh? On average a gypsy dress weighs around 80 pounds without the crystals. After adding the crystal the dress may hit the 100 pound level or even more.

How Much Time Does it Take to Make Gypsy Wedding Dresses?

Judging by the detail in every gypsy wedding dress you must have judged by now that it takes a lot of time to make them. But with many hands at work it takes nearly 24 hours to get everything done. Sondra states that for every gypsy wedding dress, she likes to put to work a team of diligent girls that will stay working on the dress from early dawn to the late hours of the night. It is quite exhausting and draining but she says the happiness on the bride’s face when she first sees her dress is all worth it.