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Go For Vintage Outfits and Create a Twist

Go For Vintage Outfits and Create a Twist

Copying an outfit straight like how you saw it on the internet is a boring idea. Maybe you have your own ideas to add or you want to tweak a few things according to your budget or wardrobe standards. You always have to keep in mind that this is fashion and you can change as much things as you want. Does not matter what do you have in mind. Every fashion idea should be welcomed. It gets especially hard to add to your ideas when you are checking out legendary looks like vintage outfits. But even those are just fashion. Here’s how you can add a twist to any vintage outfit:

Top and Skirt Look

Have you found a look that consists of a skirt and a shirt? Want to add some detail? Add a bow tie. Or knee high boots to break the stereotype. Pulling on a punk or street jacket is also an idea.

Dressy Outfit

Every girl loves to experiment with different fashion items. Turn an old vintage outfit to a modern one with heel-less knee boots, floral crown, large mirrored sunnies, a headscarf or a trendy backpack. Mixing trends from different cultures and/or different ages is a clever way of inventing new looks in the blink of an eye. If you have a knack of checking out different outfits then it will not be difficult for you to easily add a few items from here and there.

Outfits with Shorts

It was rare to find short outfits on ladies been in the vintage days. But they soon came and every woman was thrilled to try them on. Some great suggestions to add to your shorts outfits: floppy sun hat, statement jewelry, belt, backpack and nerdy glasses. Another great idea would be to switch out your shorts for a short dungaree instead.