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Glitter Heels: How to Make Ordinary Outfits Extraordinary

Glitter Heels: How to Make Ordinary Outfits Extraordinary

Heels are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe, no? All the styles and designs you can find should always find themselves in your wardrobe. One of those themes should be party heels. Glitter heels are one of those awesome heels that should always be there in your closet whenever the ocassion calls for them. They are perfect vibrant party wear that you can wear with everything. Glitter is more like a color when it comes to fashion. It blends in with everything and looks classy no matter how glittery it looks. Not just party outfits but it will brighten up formal work looks into something fresher, preppier and original. If you ever need help in styling any outfit with them, the ones below will be of some help.

Silver Glitter Heels

Silver glitter heels are very unique items that can be used in many formal outfits for a splash of color and sizzle. Your work look should consist of: leather shorts, vintage black blouse and a pair of silver glitter heels.

Party Look with Asymetrical Skirt

With a party outfit you want to make sure you perfectly balance your items. Opt for a mini black asymetrical skirt with a sleeveless baggy gold top. Messily tuck the front part of your top in your skirt and pair your look with strappy gold glitter heels.

Strappy Stiletto Glitter Heels

With elegant glitter heels like these you want to pair them with a very elegant clothing piece. A sleeveless floor length gown with a high thigh slit would look wonderful. Pair with a smoll boxy clutch to add a much needed edge to your ensemble.

Little Black Dress

Nothing looks cuter with a pair of glitter heels than a LBD. No matter what the style or design is, you can always pair it with glitter heels of any color. Silver, gold, burgundy, red, purple, yellow…etc.