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Fur Hats: Worth Wearing Or Not?

Fur Hats: Worth Wearing Or Not?

It is not a task to stay warm in winter. Just envelop yourself in a thick blanket and sit on the couch all day! Or…you could take a look at your closet and see what you can put together for a warm and glamorous outfit. Of course, you have plenty of different items in your wardrobe but you still have to know the many different ways which you can bring them together and create a gorgeous chic look. Warmth is one of the main features you must look for in your clothes. Fur hats are perfect additions to every winter wardrobe and tend to give outfits a very….warm touch. Here are some fun ways of wearing fur hats which you’d like to see:

Layered Skinny Jeans 

Fur hats blend well with skinny jeans and layers of clothes. Start with gray skinnies, black mid-thigh boots, white collared formal shirt, patterned sweater, gray coat and a leather handbag with a black fur hat.

Fur Hats for Formal Looks

You can craft a formal ensemble with fur hats and the result will be very satisfactory. Start with a dress (any formal one), leggings, booties. double breasted coat (buttoned all the way up), knit scarf and a fur hat. Gloves are optional!

Leathers and Fur Hats

A very wonderful combination when put together properly. Fur hats in a light blush or brown color will be needed for this look. Pair with leather leggings, black and white striped long shirt, black glossy booties, black coat and a red handbag.

Chic Laid Back Outfit

Not intending to style an elaborate and complicated outfit? This one with fur hats will work just fine. Begin with light blue distressed skinny jeans, black loose sweater, black fur lined boots and a gray fur hat to top off everything.