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Formal Wear for Women: What To Wear on A Busy Day?

Formal Wear for Women: What To Wear on A Busy Day?

Working ladies have a hard time picking out formal wear for women from their wardrobe. Not only are the clothes overworn to the extent of absolute despair but every lady wants to look glamorous somehow, even at work. Although there have been no changes in the formal world of fashion, you can still pick the same items you have overworn and join them together with a certain fashion that exudes glamor, formality and best of all looks fabulous on you. Take a look:

Pencil Skirt and Blouse

A very formal pair of formal wear for women which will look a whole lot different if you pay attention to detail. Opt for a high waisted gray pencil skirt and a loose fitted black blouse. Keep the first 1-2 buttons of your blouse open, pair with a messy hairdo and platform heels.

Blazer and Pants Look

Formal wear for women has not changed 1 bit over the years. This look will need a ruched lace top, bell bottom formal trousers, and a bright pink blazer. Pair with floral heels.

Dressy Formal Wear for Women

Dresses are no doubt the biggest part of formal wear for women. Opt for a white dress checkered with big black and gray squares, a burgundy cardigan, and black heels. Tie a thin black belt around your waist (on top of the cardigan).

Women’s Suits

Men and women both wear these but suit formal wear for women is quite popular. Swap out your inner formal shirt with a casual white tee, keep your blazer/coat unbuttoned and opt for formal shoes instead of heels for this look.

Skirt and Overall

Skirts make up a large part of formal wear for women and lucky for you, they are available in many designs. Opt for a black pleated skirt with a white lace top and a blue cardigan/blazer/coat/jacket. Tuck your top in your skirt.