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Formal Dress for Wedding: Which to Choose

Formal Dress for Wedding: Which to Choose

Weddings are a huge ceremony in everyone’s life. From the guest to the bride, the feelings of happiness vibrate everywhere and you can feel them growing within you as well. If you got an invite to a wedding of any relative whether distant or near, you are bound to dress up in your prettiest ensemble and look your best. Here comes the big trouble. 99% of ladies have no idea what to wear to a wedding, especially those who have never been to one. It becomes a hard task, what to wear with the dress, which accesories, which pair of shoess..etc. Below are some formal dress for wedding outfits that you can use for inspiration and assistance when you don’t know what to wear:

Pink Formal Dress for Wedding

You can never go wrong with a pink dress. Opt for a dress that has elegant detail like lace or crochet as well as a gorgeous waistline. It should not be too long or too short just skimming around your knees. Pair with Greek sandals and a crochet purse.

Spaghetti Strap Formal Dress for Wedding

Spaghetti strap formal dress for wedding are bound to make you look amazing no matter what. Opt for a light pumkin orange dress if it is a fall wedding, light blue flowy dress if it’s a beach wedding and a black sequined one if it’s winter.


A floral formal dress for wedding is such a dress that looks wonderful always. It is even more in your favor if it is summer/springtime. Although florals work in winter as well, just go for dark hues like burgundy, black and red.

White Lace

Not to steal the bride’s limelight of course but a lacy white formal dress for wedding makes a grand pick. You can wear it in whichever way you like and the resulting outfit will be gorgeous as always.